What You Need To Know About Baby Hair Brush Souvenirs

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Whether you have a child of your own or hope to in the future, one of the most important things you can do for them is to preserve as many memories as you possibly can for them to look back on one day. Although it is of course impractical to assume you would be able to capture each and every moment, there are a few things you can do that really stand out and make an impact. One such item is a brush made out of baby’s first hair, although there are certain procedures that make it quite coveted.
If you are considering investing in such a brush also known as a Taimaobi, you will need to prepare for your baby’s first haircut, which needs to be safe and hygienic. Generally, the store that is preparing the item for you will also cut the baby’s hair so ensure you select someone who is reputed and reliable as babies are quite delicate and need to be handled with utmost care. Special shavers are used for this purpose, so check with them on the cleanliness of these shavers before using them.

Given how unique this item is, it does in fact take some time to put it together before you can collect it, usually anywhere between 3-5 weeks. Just as much as there is emphasis placed on the hair that is used for the best brush, the handle is also given sufficient attention where the wood is carefully selected in terms of types as well as colour. If you have included any engravings, then this too needs to be incorporated into the product as well as the timeline. As they are usually handmade, the procedure takes some time, and it would be unfair to rush them through it. Plan well ahead for best results.
Just as there are different sizes for different products, a Taimaobi too comes with its own size specifications. However, this is more dependent on the baby than on you, as the item size is reliant on the amount of hair your baby has! If after cutting your baby has a sizeable amount of hair, you could go for a bigger option. Considering how all the hair cannot be used, only the good bits will account for this. Usually, you will be advised on this before the item is made.
The beauty of creativity is that there are no boundaries unless you put them there. When it comes to such a meaningful keepsake, you need not limit yourself to your baby’s hair… you can even add yours and your partner’s in order to add an extra element. Aside from baby hair, you can even make one for yourself or as a couple as you can use your hair to create them. Have fun with thinking out-of-the-box!