What To Pack For A Comfortable Journey

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You’ve been planning for a long awaited vacation, or a journey that took too long to happen. You’ve already packed your luggage and you’ve already done your research on what’s essential to have in your hand luggage.

But do you really know what things to pack to make your journey a little more comfortable? They are usually not on your priority list, and indeed, you can survive a journey without them. But we promise you, you won’t regret having these items in your carry-on.

A little entertainment…

Goes a long way. Even if you are traveling with a companion, you won’t regret packing in your iPad or laptop and making sure it’s stocked with a few movies and books. This is the most convenient form of packing in all your entertainment necessities into one place. Music, movies, books and even a few games; all that you might need for a dull moment in your journey.

Noise cancelling headphones.

To cut out the buzz, wailings and chatter of your fellow passengers and slip into a cocoons of your own. Though it defies the purpose of traveling together, there just are a few moments when you really need a moment to yourself. If it’s not available locally, buy online headphones that promises to block out all outside sounds.

Also, when buying online headphones, make sure that it’ll be comfortable enough to fall asleep with it on.

Neck pillow/ sleep scarf

Overnight flight or just a long one? Pack one of these in your hand luggage. Not only will you sleep better, but you’ll also feel a lot better at the end of your journey. Not to mention how much your companions will appreciate that you aren’t in a sleep deprived cantankerous mood.

Eye masks

Something else to help you sleep better in your long or overnight flight. While it is not uncommon for most flights to provide eye masks for their passengers, it’s always better to pack your own, just in case it’s one of those lucky days that you don’t get one. Besides that, most people prefer traveling with their own; sort of a comfort in familiarity.

Snack for the traveling

While most flights provide you with food for your journey, it’s always wise to carry something that you’re sure you like eating. If you’re traveling with a fussing eater or children, chances are that this little snack will come in useful. It’s also pretty handy after the flight, while you’re waiting for your luggage. We recommend a bar of chocolate; instant boost and mood fixer!

Fresh set of clothes

Not only does this come in handy if your luggage is delayed or lost, but it also helps after a long, clothes wrinkling journey. You’ll feel better about having a change of clothes and not having to begin your journey in crumpled and slept in clothes. It’s also helpful in emergencies, like if you spill something on your clothes. At least you don’t have to spend a long flight with a wet and uncomfortable patch in your clothes.