What To Look For When Buying Pre-Owned Pianos?

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Are you looking to buy a piano, but are on a tight budget to get a brand new one? One of the best options for you is to buy pre-owned pianos. There would be hundreds and hundreds of previously owned instruments in the market. But, only a small number of them will be in perfect working condition. How do you know whether the instrument that you have seen is worth buying or not? The following is a guide that will give you some idea about the problems that you will find in pre-owned ones.

Hard tone and out of tune sound

The hard tone you hear on the second hand piano for sale in Singapore means that the hammer is worn out and compressed. Check how much of the damage the hammers have suffered. If they are not worn out completely, then there is a chance to reshape them. If they are completely damaged, then you need to go for new hammers. A dull or a dead tone means that it is time for the hammers to be replaced. The instrument is out of tune if the strings are not having the right tension. This means that the unit has to be tuned to get it in pitch. Sometimes, you might have to replace two or three strings to correct the pitch problems.

Sticky keys and hammers

• If you find the keys and the hammers sticky, then it means that the instrument is in a damp ambiance. • The moisture gets absorbed by the felt and it swells as time goes and hence the movement of the keys is compromised. • If one or two keys are sticky, then they can be easily repaired. • If you find most of the keys stuck, then you need to dismantle the unit and rebuild it, which is quite expensive.

It is also important to check out for any uneven keys on the instrument when choosing second hand piano for sale. If the keys are not in line, then you can get it to fall in line with the help of an expert tuner.

Pedals and unit case

The casework of the instrument is just used for decoration work. The main thing you need to check is what is inside the unit. Never go for one that has an attractive looking case as there could be some wreck inside the unit. The pedals will not work if the levers have moved out from its place. It can be easily put back to place by an expert tuner.

Seek expert advice

It would be the best option if you get the pre-owned instruments that you are looking to buy checked out by a professional and experienced tuner. You might be charged for this service, but it is worth than spending lots of money after buying a damaged one.