Possible Side Effects Of Foot Surgery

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Every single time that a surgery is performed, regardless of the type or the location of the surgery in question, there is going to be a range of possible complications that may occur over time. There are very common ones among these. This includes pain. This is the most commonly occurring and worst to deal with out of the complications because it affects the patient directly, acutely and for a long time. Of course, right after any surgery there is bound to be some pain felt. This is normal. The bad part is when this pain becomes worse over time.

Pain is a terrible thing

Sometimes, following some procedures like ankle ligament surgery the pain can be so bad that the doctor will even prescribe certain painkillers. When a more serious issue like an amputation has to be performed, these painkillers might even be opiates like morphine or ketamine. Most procedures end up with a patient complaining of pain, meaning that painkillers are quite the norm following surgery.

Sometimes, the cause of the pain is a quite obvious nursing problem, where the bandage over the wound is tied off too tightly. This can result in a loss of circulation in the foot following ankle ligament surgery and similar medical procedures. Over time, this can lead to far more severe conditions like gangrene and amputation having to be done on the foot. Some patients try to play the hero and walk it off. This is NEVER a good idea. If the doctor tells you that you need bed rest, you must always get as much rest as you can.

Don’t be Rambo

Too much activity too soon after the surgery can lead to intense pain in the area where the procedure was done. If the pain isn’t prevalent until a few days to a week after the surgery there is the possibility that an infection has occurred in the site of the procedure. This means that a second procedure may need to be done to make sure that the foot is fine. If an infection is left untreated, it could also result in the loss of the foot.

Remember that aching is different from sharp, severe pain. If your foot aches for a few weeks after you surgery is done, this is a normal side effect. Getting back to normal after a procedure of increasing severity is going to take you quite a while, especially if you don’t follow the doctor’s orders. Always keep in mind that they know a lot more than you do, which is why you are the patient and they the doctor.