Organizing The Drinking Situation At A Barbecue

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Hosting a barbecue can be a tedious task. Organizing the food, drinks, accommodating many friends and family and the sheer pressure of entertaining can get to you. To get over this and to be on top of everything, it is very important to have a plan and work accordingly. Some of the work on the day of the barbecue can be delegated to some helpful friends. Having to oversee, the entertainment department and the food department, what you don’t want to be doing is taking up the role of being the bartender too. A solution to the drink aspect is to have liquids in bulk and most probably a self-service option as well. Given below are a few suggestions as to how you could serve the drinks and what type of drinks would be appropriate to serve.
Glasses or cups
For a barbecue, a party that will most probably take place in the outdoors, it would be best to have either acrylic or plastic cups. These sorts of cups can be readily available at any store. If you are considering using glasses it is best to use mason jars which are not overly heavy to hold on to for long, and have handles that give an easier grip. All in all make sure the cups and glasses you provide are sturdy and to an extent shatter-proof.
Drinks table
Have two tables. One for the food and one for the drinks. An efficient way of setting up the drinks table is in a buffet system. Go to a local liquor supplier, get a few bottles of varies drinks, line them up on the table with the cups and glasses, keep a bottle of water or soda water, a bucket of ice, and let the guests make their own drinks to their liking. Having a system of this sort would make it easier for you and the guests. They could grab their own drinks, and whenever they require a refill they need not come to you. It’s a plus for both parties.
Few of the drinks suitable for a barbecue include Gin, Whiskey, and Beer. These can be easily served as brilliant cocktails in large pitchers. One cocktail in particular is Gin fizz, it’s easy to make and is a crowd favorite. Get a bottle of Gin from the liquor supplier in Singapore, mix it in with some lemon juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, and pour it into a pitcher. Ideally Gin Fizz also includes club soda. Since it would not be feasible to add in the soda into the pitcher, keep a bottle on the side so that the guests could make and enjoy the drink themselves.

In addition to Gin Fizz, having a large punch bowl will be an excellent way to hydrate yourself. A Whiskey sour punch would be the ideal blend. Take a large container, cut out oranges and lemons into thin slices and throw them in, pour the Whiskey and sugar syrup while tasting to see if it’s nice and sweet, keep the container on the drinks table and it’s ready to serve.
There are so many other ways you can go about organizing drinks for a barbecue, and various kinds of drinks that can be served. Try out some of the above-mentioned methods and drinks and your guests won’t be disappointed.