Movies That Highlighted The Delivery Profession

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There’s no doubt about it – Hollywood knows how to deliver movies that show a side of life completely different from what we know, yet make us feel we are part of it. For some reason, there are many movies about delivery personnel who face a crisis and manage to come through thanks to their determination and perseverance. Here is a list of great Hollywood movies about the delivery profession and its employees that you should watch this weekend:

Tom Hanks was Cast Away

Who can forget the great Tom Hanks in Cast Away, a 2000 movie about a FedEx executive who is shipwrecked on an island and somehow learns to survive? Hanks plays Chuck Noland, an engineer at FedEx whose plane crashes down in the middle of the ocean, killing all others but sparing him. He drifts onto an island and at first, is hopeful that he will be rescued. As the days go by, he realizes that he has to get used to living on the island and like a modern- day Robinson Crusoe, starts to spear fish etc. and adapts to a life on the island. After four years he decides to try to leave the island and embarks on a makeshift raft. True to his responsibility as a FedEx operative, Chuck somehow ensures that the last remaining package from the plane is delivered to its rightful owner.

Tear up NY with a Premium Rush Order

No list of delivery movies is complete without Premium Rush, a 2012 movie starring Joseph Gordon- Levitt as Wilee, a young hotshot bike messenger in New York. One day Wilee is handed a small ticket to take to Chinatown and he has till evening to do so; then ensures one of the most thrilling chase episodes ever seen featuring a courier delivery service – it puts the tuk- tuk ride in Octopussy to shame. For reasons that will not be elaborated here (watch the movie!), Wilee is chased by the police, by a corrupt police detective, the Chinese mafia and a rival bike messenger who is bent on delivering Wilee’s message himself and proving to everyone, inclusing Wilee’s girlfriend, that he is better than Wilee.

At the end, the guys from the courier delivery win the day, but you’ll have to watch the movie to know exactly how.

Magical Delivery from a Witch in Training

This one is almost cheating because it’s not from Hollywood, nor is it a film in the traditional sense. Kiki’s Delivery Service or “majonou takyubin” is a Japanese anime movie by the legendary Miyazaki Hayao, billed as the father of Japanese animation. Released in 1989, the movie follows Kiki, a witch in training, who has to leave home for a period of time as per witch custom and find her personal strengths as a witch in a new town. Since her only talent is flying, Kiki soon decides that a delivery service is perfect and opens shop in the bakery where she rents a room. Soon however, Kiki is racked with homesickness, and an inability to make friends. When she starts losing her ability to fly, Kiki has to make a decision about whether she wants to live a normal life without magic, or forget her new home in search of her powers.