How To Rebrand A Company After A Merger

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A merger would mean that the identities of the old companies would diminish and a new identity would fall upon the newly created company. This can be quite confusing for not just the consumers who have been dealing with the companies but also for all other stakeholders including employees.

Therefore, it is very important that you start rebranding the new company, even before it is officially launched. This will make sure that the people who are dedicated towards the company understand the new identity that they have been welcomed to.

Use the online space

You will need to use integrated digital marketing solutions to address this task effectively. You could come up with a creative campaign that facilitates the smooth transition of the brand. If there are certain aspects of the old brands that you’d like to carry on to the new company, they can be used as a way of ensuring your old consumers about the trust that they will continue to have with you. If there are new values that the company hopes to uphold, they could be marketed as improvements that make your service delivery better than ever before.

Give room for employees to adapt

Your employees may experience culture shock or a sudden sense of insecurity as a result of the merger. Therefore, it is very important that they are given ample space to adapt to the new situation. An unhappy employee can be a nightmare for your company it terms of its reputation. While integrated digital marketing helps to rebrand the company to the external world, a strong human resource approach would ensure that those within the company rebrand themselves accordingly as well.

Create a new work ethic

Another element when thinking about internal rebranding after a merger is the invention of a new work ethic. Since people with different work ethics, beliefs and ideals will be coming together as a result of the merger it is important to give all of them a common way of work to embrace. This way, no employee will feel left behind and consumers won’t compare and contrast the differences between the services offered by the new company with the old ones. 

Create new promotional material

This is something that is going to consumer a lot of money and time and as a result is a suggestion ignored by most companies. However, if you want your company to be perceived in a new light following the merger, it is important to make sure that they are presented with the right stimuli to do so.