Falling Sick – People Get Ill Every Now And Then.

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It does not matter how old they are. Children, adults, and old people all fall ill. How sick they are depends on what sickness they are having. Sicknesses can vary from simple colds to something as severe as cancer. All these result from infections by virus, bacteria, types of worms, mutations and many more causes such as lack of nutrients. A sickness is said to be severe based on how easy it is to cure the disease or illness. If individuals particularly children are not given proper attention and care then their sickness can get highly severe resulting in the loss of their life.

Causes of Death

However sickness is not the only cause of death. People dies cause of old age, severe injuries, and accidents. And if they are not safe like when rock climbing and also activities such as swimming because people tend to get drowned or pulled away by the waves. And natural disasters. Most deaths are because of no proper care when sick and also due to engaging in activities that are dangerous.

Emotional Challenge

Losing the life of someone could affect people in many ways. The most important one is that their loved ones will be home waiting with so much hope that they would come back. Really close attachments are between parents and children, lovers and among spouses. These people feel the loss terribly and some of them cry so much and grieve for ages before they are able to overcome the emotional blow. Some partners get mentally I’ll because they are unable to take the fact that a person died. Some people are never able to recover from these and may remain depressed their entire life.

Other Challenges

Besides how emotionally affected people get because of the death of someone they even get into other trouble. Especially if it is grown up men, or women. In the case of a man he earns for the family. He gives them a status so if the husband dies she would be devastated and left all alone to run the family. Similarly if it is the woman and if she dies, then the father would find it really hard to run the family all by himself. Death effects people in many ways especially if they emotionally bonded or highly dependent on that person.

Funeral Ceremony

After a person dies there is a funeral ceremony. It is one of the saddest ceremonies ever. And it is done to honour the deceased. The way they carry out the processes, and what they decide all vary around the world from culture to culture. Some people go up to the burial grounds and later serve a meal or so. However when people come they bring sympathy flowers as tribute for the deceased person.

These flowers are normally white in colour example lilies and they are given to show your love and sympathy. Some cultures however do not offer or use flowers for funerals. Some people have it as a trend to wear white clothes, some have black and some do not have any such rules.

Love and Support

If someone dies it is always good to go to that house and make the other people especially if they are vulnerable feel safe and assure them that you are there for them if they need anything. Make them feel loved and that they are not alone. Because some people get so stressed out that they even commit suicide. They need to be handled carefully, and encouraged and motivated to move on with their life.