5 Steps For Installing Laser Printer Cartridges

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There are many types of printers that are available and sold in the markets. Depending on the application and significance of the use, customers could purchase an appropriate machine. These equipment, requires to be maintained regularly when you require to use it to get copies of files or documents. There are mainly two types of printers that are available in the markets. Even today, the various types under these categories are purchased and used by customers. These two categories are namely;

 Impact

This equipment uses an inked ribbon to print images, letters, etc. on the paper. Here are some examples under this category;

– Dot-metrix
– Band
– Chain, etc.

 Non-impact

Non-impact category equipment doesn’t press the ink against the paper, which produces a loud noise like in the impact category. The following are some of the examples to research about;

– Laser
– Ink-jet

Of the aforementioned types the laser type is one of the popular used printers today, because of a number of advantages. Some may be confused when it’s time to replace the cartridge of it. However, it’s not a complicated task to replace a new one. Manufactures have designed smaller and easy installation processes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to install a cartridge if you’re not sure about it:

o Step 1:

First and foremost, many laser machines require having power to access the laser printer cartridges. Therefore, once you’ve got the replacement ink, switch on the power to the machine.

o Step 2:

Next simply, open the cap or lid of the machine to take the used up cartridges. Once, the lid is opened the carriage would automatically slide out. Then, gently unlock the upper locks fastening the ink container. Once, it has been released from the lock, hold it firmly and pull it out.

o Step 3:

Now, take the new cartridges and remove the safety film pasted at the bottom of it. To evenly distribute the ink for a better quality copies, give it a little shake. Afterwards, manually install it according to the arrows given in the container or carriage.

o Step 4:

Lock the laser printer cartridges securely in place in the carriage and close the lid or cover. The machine would recognize the replaced ink container and configure the setting accordingly.

After installing it, print a test document or the system might ask you to run an automatic test run, once it’s been installed. Choose the product, which is compatible with the model you use. So, with the aforementioned simple steps, you could install it on your own without a hassle.